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Vanessa Zingaro



Vanessa took an unconventional approach into her career as a nutrition coach. She graduated from university with an Honours Bachelor of Commerce, and went on to get her CPA, CA accounting designation. During those years she also started competing in Olympic weightlifting and quickly developed a curiosity for nutrition and fat loss.

Nutrition became more of a focus for her, as she became more serious about her athletics and climbed the Canadian ranks becoming one of the top 53kg lifters in the country. In trying to become a better athlete, she started researching everything to do with nutrition, and lifestyle habits in hopes of improving her performance in the gym.

Vanessa has worked with hundreds of clients over the past 3 years and is now the co-owner and one of the head coaches at Evolve to Excel. Vanessa has a passion for learning and researching all things related to health, nutrition, and mindset in order to inform her clients throughout the process. She loves digesting that information and relaying it in a straightforward, and practical way for her clients to understand and successfully implement, so they can reach their goals.

Outside of nutrition and fitness, you can find Vanessa travelling the world with her partner, Greg. Travelling is one of Vanessa’s passions as she loves to experience other cultures and their way of life.

Greg Sutton

MNU Certified Nutritionist

SSIC Level 1 & 2 Certified, PN-L1

In an industry full of confusion and conflicting information, Greg is a firm believer in sticking to the proven methods to help all of his clients down their health, fitness, and athletic journeys, acting as their guide along the way.

What started as researching nutrition-related articles and studies with the goal of optimizing his own health, physique, and athletic performance, organically transformed down his journey into nutrition coaching.

As he shared his knowledge with his friends, family, and training partners, more people started reaching out asking for advice to further help with their results, Greg started offering free coaching and advice to his training partners that quickly grew through word of mouth now into a career where he has worked with hundreds of clients and now a business that has impacted thousands of people across the globe.

Outside of nutrition and lifestyle coaching, Greg loves traveling the world with his partner, Vanessa, as well as training and competing in Bodybuilding competitions. His last show being the 2019 Canadian Nationals where he made a top-5 placing.

Greg’s passion for helping his clients design their lives in a way that helps them become the best version of themselves drives him to build more knowledge and learn more proven approaches to change as many lives for the better as he can.

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