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"I feel good fueling my body to perform better than it ever has."

I’ve worked with multiple nutritional coaches in the past and Greg is the top hands down. He actually listens to what you are saying and finds ways to help and challenge your way of thinking, whether it’s about nutrition, athletic training, sleep, or tips and motivation for success.

When I first started I was fixated on getting to a certain weight, beating myself up if the scale wasn’t moving fast enough. Evolve helped me realize the scale is just one tool to monitor results and not the holy grail of health. I’ve done multiple diets in the past, and have a good grip on flexible eating, but Evolve has been the accountability that I need, and the motivation I want. This way of eating is way more than a diet, it’s a lifestyle change. Whether traveling, enjoying summer parties, or getting through a busy week, Greg has been there to set me up for success. I can still eat most of the foods I love, and feel good fueling my body to perform better than it ever has. Can’t recommend Greg and Evolve to Excel enough!
Nick Johnston
"A life-changing experience"

Working with Greg and Evolve has been a life-changing experience. This program goes beyond nutrition. It prepares you for a sustainable lifestyle! I can enjoy traveling and social situations while still maintaining my nutrition and fitness goals. In addition to being supportive and encouraging, Greg is always willing to share his knowledge. I can’t recommend E2E enough!

Diana R
"…such a positive wake up call to my diet and nutrition habits"

Working with Greg at Evolve to Excel has been such a positive wake up call to my diet and nutrition habits. In the past, whenever I tried to lose weight, I would end up “Yo-yo dieting” because I would cut my calories dramatically and multiple foods out of my diet. Greg helped me learn how to balance dieting while still enjoying the foods I wanted to eat by helping me work on positive lifestyle changes in and outside the kitchen. 

Also, Greg is one of the most encouraging and supportive coaches I know. He doesn’t want to just know about what food you put on your plate, but also what else is going on in your life (good or bad) that could potentially impact your diet. Evolve to Excel has given me the tools to feel like I have control of my nutrition and diet, instead of it having control of me.
Brian Kachelmeyer
"I was drifting slowly away from my sport and fitness goals and I didn't know what to do"

I can’t thank Greg enough. I reached out when I realized that I was drifting slowly away from my sport and fitness goals and I didn’t know what to do. I had burned out before on strict dieting and was looking to reassess my diet and lifestyle choices. Evolve to Excel has helped me find sustainability in my lifestyle and nutrition so I’m not “dieting” but simply living my life with more thought-out choices.

This is not a diet or a band-aid solution, this is guided support that revamped how I live my day-to-day life. Greg helped address a variety of situations and obstacles in my hectic and varied schedule and provided fantastic support and guidance in finding simple actionable steps for making the choices that best align with what in important to me.

Greg was super empowering and his encouragement and positive attitude were great in helping me overcome the bumps and hurdles along the way. I can not recommend Greg and Evolve to Excel highly enough. If you are looking to make long-term, sustainable changes backed up by the highest level of expertise and experience, Evolve to Excel is a must.

Luke Humphrey
"This is the best I’ve ever felt (Lost over 30lbs!)"

Before I worked with Greg and E2E, I didn’t know what I was doing when it came to nutrition. I would hit the gym hard- crossfit, weight training, powerlifting, you name it, but never see much results. I’ve always been a foodie and I really enjoy craft beer, but I didn’t understand how my food intake impacted my health. Getting a bit older, I realized I was gaining a lot of weight and needed to make a change for myself and my future.

It’s not a cliche… Health and fitness is the bedrock of everything else in your life. When you are healthy and feeling 110%, you can truly access your full potential and really thrive.

I have a much better understanding of nutrition, rest, and activity levels and what my body needs to “feel its best”, and I realize that “feeling my best” is way more important to me than I originally thought.

Huge thank you to Greg and E2E, I have the tools to be healthy and feel my best!

CJ Santiago

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