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"I am incredibly happy with my progress"

I have to say I am incredibly happy with my progress. Evolve, in 3 short months

Has helped me most with these things… Stop feeling guilty about my food, improved the balance of my diet, focus more on consistency/ habits and not the end goal, my overall organization, and while still being flexible with my diet. And my digestion is not perfect but it has improved 3 fold since I started.

Tony Nikolovski
"I can honestly say that I am the healthiest I have ever been"

For the better part of my adult life I was a yo-yo dieter, dabbling in just about every severely restrictive diet with results that never lasted. Greg and I started working together over two years ago and the wealth of knowledge and growth I’ve experienced during this time has been monumental. Greg has helped me shed my all or nothing mentality in favor of a more sustainable approach to nutrition and fitness.

I have stopped demonizing foods and no longer obsess about perfection, but rather spend my energy focusing on consistency. I can honestly say that I am the healthiest I have ever been, mentally and physically. I am not the same person I was when I started working with Greg and I am forever grateful for that.
Joy Kacinski
"I thought being tired all the time was just who I was."

I never realized how important nutrition was until I started working with Vanessa almost two years ago. I thought I could outwork a mediocre diet. I thought being tired all the time was just who I was. I thought my rate of progress in the gym was the best that I could do. However, within six months of working with Vanessa, I saw major body and mindset changes. I was stronger at a lighter weight.

I had more energy throughout the day. I had more knowledge about the food I was eating and how it could fuel my body. I’d even adopted different coping/stress relief strategies to use in my everyday life. I’ve made more progress than I thought possible working with Evolve to Excel and I’m excited to continue working with Vanessa and seeing what my body is capable of!
Sarah Mungillo
"I'm so glad I gave nutrition coaching a second chance and made the decision to work with Evolve to Excel."

Before I reached out to Evolve to Excel, I was feeling unmotivated and lost about how to restart my nutrition journey. I had previously utilized nutrition coaching but quit after more than a year as I felt drained and felt I needed a break (Which I realized after working with Greg should absolutely not be the case).

I feel truly free and comfortable enough to make decisions regarding nutrition on my own. I’ve built so many new lifestyle habits along the way as well. I especially feel more confident in the gym as I know I’m fueling myself with an adequate amount of food. This is the strongest I’ve ever felt and been. In addition, my body composition has changed so much from the first month with working with Greg it’s crazy!

Nutrition coaching with Greg is so much more than just being told how much to eat. It involves checking in with yourself on a daily basis, activity levels, sleep and stress management. It is the best long term investment you can make for yourself. If you’re struggling and keep ending up at square one ask for help. They’ll help and teach you every step of the way.

I’m so glad I gave nutrition coaching a second chance and made the decision to work with Evolve to Excel. The nutrition choices and lifestyle changes I’ve made in less than a year I’ll carry with me for the rest of my life. Thank you for everything!

Natalie Esquivel
"…by far the best decision I made"

Over the past 6 years I tried several times to change my body composition to fit only my athletic needs with no to very little success.

I started working with Evolve to Excel and Greg which was by far the best decision I made. Ever since joining, Greg has been an amazing coach, checking with me every week, answering my questions at any time I need, and pushing me to get better. Under his guidance I was able to drop about 10kgs in a period of 3 months and so. 

My life changed completely since I started to work with Greg, I’m happier, more active, more confident, more disciplined, feeling stronger, my relationship with food has improved to the better, and I’m excited to make more progress moving forward. I can’t thank Evolve to Excel enough for all the guidance and support they have given me.
Nicoleta Hodorogea
"Vanessa was my guide into a better relationship with food and eating"

I don’t know where to begin! I have been working with Vanessa since 2018. I had a horrible body image, a worse relationship with food and an all-or-nothing mindset when it came to almost everything in life. With kindness and extreme patience, Vanessa was my guide into a better relationship with food and eating, stress management, and my ability to handle both at weekend-long training sessions or competitions.

I could not have overcome some large mental roadblocks if it were not for her quiet and steady support, cheerleading and tough love. While my sport is a nontraditional one, she took a genuine interest in what I do as a professional Dressage trainer (Equestrian sports) so that she could better aid me in my nutrition goals even when I am under high-stress situations. Both she and Greg are wonderful people and truly want to help those of us that feel lost along our way. Thank you, Vanessa, so much for your years of support!
Sam Capoferri
"After the birth of my second child, I was at a loss (Over 30lbs lost/ 30lbs+ lost)"

I have confronted an unhealthy relationship with food and alcohol and after losing over 20lbs, I am physically and emotionally so much stronger than before. I still want to do so much more and knowing that I have such an incredible support system at my side has convinced me that I can do anything. I recommend Evolve to Excel to anyone who wants to change their health and their life for the better. It certainly has done so for me.

Elayne Tate
"35lbs lost in 3 months and 60lbs in 7 months!"

I have totally changed my outlook and relationship with food since working with the Evolve team. Greg’s coaching style has been instrumental in helping me develop a healthy balance with my nutrition and training. He taught me that all my goals can be achieved with balance. Not cutting out certain foods, but by practicing moderation and portion control. My average resting heart rate has dropped over 10 bpm, my HRV has increased ~ 20ms, and the quality of sleep has just been better! The icing on the cake is the 35 pounds lost in 3 months and 60lbs in 7 months!

Richard Campuzano
"Evolve to Excel helped me get a better understanding of my relationship with food"

Working with Evolve To Excel and Gregory Sutton has been one of the upsides this year for me as it has been rough on a lot of us. I have been doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu since 2011 and have struggled to maintain balance with my weight, with a few lingering injuries that kept me on the sidelines for a few years. I was able to get back into things quicker than expected because my body felt good and my mind was on the positive side. 

Evolve to Excel helped me get a better understanding of my relationship with food, how to utilize it for my benefit and feel better about myself. With their outstanding advice and help the entire process started to feel simple and easier and that allowed me to have a healthier relationship with food and enjoy the idea of flexible dieting.
Ahmed Sidahmed
"This is the best I’ve ever felt (Lost over 30lbs!)"

Before I worked with Greg and E2E, I didn’t know what I was doing when it came to nutrition. I would hit the gym hard- crossfit, weight training, powerlifting, you name it, but never see much results. I’ve always been a foodie and I really enjoy craft beer, but I didn’t understand how my food intake impacted my health. Getting a bit older, I realized I was gaining a lot of weight and needed to make a change for myself and my future.

It’s not a cliche… Health and fitness is the bedrock of everything else in your life. When you are healthy and feeling 110%, you can truly access your full potential and really thrive.

I have a much better understanding of nutrition, rest, and activity levels and what my body needs to “feel its best”, and I realize that “feeling my best” is way more important to me than I originally thought.

Huge thank you to Greg and E2E, I have the tools to be healthy and feel my best!

CJ Santiago
"For the first time in my life, I am completely comfortable with the person I am seeing in the mirror"

Throughout my lifetime, I have had every type of disordered eating that you can think of. For most of my life, I was underweight, horrible relationship with food, had no monthly cycle, and so on. I had started training two years prior to having the pleasure of meeting Greg back in 2018.

His coaching skills go far beyond nutrition. He helped me to develop a healthy relationship with food, how to manage stressful life situations, incorporate small habits into my life to achieve my personal goals and the list goes on. For the first time in my life, I am completely comfortable with the person I am seeing in the mirror. I’ve learned and developed such good food habits, to the point that I don’t track at all anymore. I know how to listen to my body and how to act upon certain signals it sends.

I am so grateful to have met Greg. He has helped me and taught me so much and without him, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I would most definitely recommend him to my family and friends

Jess Jahn
"I can enjoy eating out again, enjoy social eating, all of the food I have, and overall enjoy life!"

I was struggling with so many things: my nutrition, my habits, my body image. I had a very unhealthy relationship with food and I knew I needed guidance and support. After successfully losing a lot of weight, I was very worried and scared of gaining that weight back and this turned into a fear of eating any food that I considered higher in calories. 

I feel like a completely new person! I’m confident in the habits I’ve built. With Greg’s support I’ve been able to completely re-shaped my identity when it comes to fitness and nutrition; I’ve made fitness and nutrition a lifestyle, somethings that’s fun and sustainable. I’ve learned both discipline and flexibility.

The biggest thing for me has been this new way to approach things, be it training and nutrition. Knowing that I can reach all my fitness goals without sacrificing my favorite things, and being confident enough to make the best decisions.

I have been able to improve my body composition, make big strength gains in the gym, and drop nearly 20lbs! All the wins!!

Having the support of the E2E Facebook community is a huge plus! Being around such inspiring people, who are always looking to improve themselves is refreshing and makes me want to push forward each day.

Ignaura Tejeda
"I truly feel as more time goes by, the healthier I become, inside and out."

When I first started working with Greg almost 3 years ago, I had just gotten out of an abusive relationship. I was using food to cope and got to a place where I was always tired, sick all the time, and just felt horrible about myself. I decided that since my diet was something I COULD control, I would seek help. I have been working with Greg ever since. 

This journey hasn’t been easy, but it has been life changing. My relationship with food was always very guilt driven. I would, as they say, “eat my feelings”, and then I would experience an enormous amount of guilt. Greg was there every step of the way as I navigated the overhaul on my relationship with food. This was about getting my physical body to a healthy and strong place, but more than that, it was about getting my mind to a healthy and strong place. I know I couldn’t have accomplished any of this without Greg’s coaching. He pushed me out of my comfort zone but was also kind and patient with my process. 

I truly feel as more time goes by, the healthier I become, inside and out. Seeking help and bringing Greg into my health journey was easily one of my best decisions and greatest accomplishments to date. Thank you, a million times, to Greg and this best-of-class program. My journey isn’t over, and I will always have things to learn, so let’s keep working!

Kristen Cormier
"It is difficult to put into words how much of a difference Greg and E2E have made in my life. "

I am proud to say that I have developed the skill set and confidence in myself to take my nutrition in my own hands. I could not have taken this step without Greg and Evolve.

When starting with Greg, I never would have thought I would so quickly develop and acquire the skill set and knowledge I have today. Greg and Evolve have truly done it all.

One of the MANY attributes that stand out about Greg, as a coach is his incredible desire to help his clients in ways many coaches do not. Greg guided me through the stress of my last semester of graduate school, and my constant battle with comparison, while becoming mentally and physically the best version of myself. Not only did Greg go above and beyond with helping, educating, and mentoring me, but he also had the most prompt responses. No matter how small of a question I had for him that day; you could tell that he would always put a great amount of effort into his responses and in a timely manner.

Evolve is not like any other nutrition program. Greg and Vanessa work diligently and take the absolute best approach for each and every one of their clients no matter the goal. Evolve is extremely individualized and is not a cookie cutter program that causes you any stress or inability to live your best life. With Evolve to Excel, you have the freedom and ability to truly LIVE and still reach your physical, performance, and mental goals. 

It is difficult to put into words how much of a difference Greg and Evolve have made in my life. Most importantly, I would not have the positive relationship with food I have today or the confidence in myself to continue my nutrition on my own, without the guidance and knowledge of Greg and Evolve. Evolve to Excel is truly like no other. I cannot recommend them enough.

Melissa Nichols
"My days are no longer all-consumed by food"

For the first time in my life, I look in the mirror and see the results of the process-based healthy habits that she has encouraged me to build. I see a genuinely happy person who is proud of herself, who prioritizes herself, and who picks herself back up and keeps moving towards her goals no matter the setbacks. My days are no longer all-consumed by food – meals are, finally, just one piece of the healthy puzzle.

Vanessa is more than just a nutrition coach. She’s compassionate, understanding and she leads by example – and she has never once made me feel guilty about making a mistake. There’s always another day, another hour, another minute to make a better decision. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to work with Evolve to Excel. It’s the best thing I could have done for my relationship with myself.
Trish Carnahan

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