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"After the birth of my second child, I was at a loss (Over 30lbs lost/ 30lbs+ lost)"

I have confronted an unhealthy relationship with food and alcohol and after losing over 20lbs, I am physically and emotionally so much stronger than before. I still want to do so much more and knowing that I have such an incredible support system at my side has convinced me that I can do anything. I recommend Evolve to Excel to anyone who wants to change their health and their life for the better. It certainly has done so for me.

Elayne Tate
"My relationship with food and training has changed entirely"

In the last year and a half of working with Greg, my relationship with food and training has changed entirely. Greg has helped me to switch my focus from trying to be absolutely perfect every day, to finding healthy habits I can maintain consistently. 

I am now able to recognize that as my goals change and evolve my diet and my training will as well. I have learned new ways to manage my stress in what has been a chaotic year, how to fuel my body to perform and recover well, and I’ve become less food focused. The physical changes are obviously cool to see, but the mental growth is what I am most proud of.
Kelsey Webb
"For the first time in my life, I am completely comfortable with the person I am seeing in the mirror"

Throughout my lifetime, I have had every type of disordered eating that you can think of. For most of my life, I was underweight, horrible relationship with food, had no monthly cycle, and so on. I had started training two years prior to having the pleasure of meeting Greg back in 2018.

His coaching skills go far beyond nutrition. He helped me to develop a healthy relationship with food, how to manage stressful life situations, incorporate small habits into my life to achieve my personal goals and the list goes on. For the first time in my life, I am completely comfortable with the person I am seeing in the mirror. I’ve learned and developed such good food habits, to the point that I don’t track at all anymore. I know how to listen to my body and how to act upon certain signals it sends.

I am so grateful to have met Greg. He has helped me and taught me so much and without him, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I would most definitely recommend him to my family and friends

Jess Jahn
"I’ve not only lost all the baby weight but I’ve been able to build muscle AND nurse my baby. "

It’s been quite a journey and I’m not done yet. Last December I had my first child and to say I was skeptical that I’d ever lose the baby weight and feel strong again is an understatement. I started my nutrition training with Vanessa at 8 weeks postpartum. While macro counting and working hard in the gym is not new to me, doing so while sleep-deprived, maintaining milk supply, and minimal time at the gym was. She helped guide me not only with food and training, but she has taught me to be kind and give myself a little grace.

Together with Vanessa, I’ve not only lost all the baby weight but I’ve been able to build muscle AND nurse my baby. A dream came true for me.
Laura Lagala
"35lbs lost in 3 months and 60lbs in 7 months!"

I have totally changed my outlook and relationship with food since working with the Evolve team. Greg’s coaching style has been instrumental in helping me develop a healthy balance with my nutrition and training. He taught me that all my goals can be achieved with balance. Not cutting out certain foods, but by practicing moderation and portion control. My average resting heart rate has dropped over 10 bpm, my HRV has increased ~ 20ms, and the quality of sleep has just been better! The icing on the cake is the 35 pounds lost in 3 months and 60lbs in 7 months!

Richard Campuzano
"A life-changing experience"

Working with Greg and Evolve has been a life-changing experience. This program goes beyond nutrition. It prepares you for a sustainable lifestyle! I can enjoy traveling and social situations while still maintaining my nutrition and fitness goals. In addition to being supportive and encouraging, Greg is always willing to share his knowledge. I can’t recommend E2E enough!

Diana R
"Working with Vanessa has been nothing short of life-changing! "

Since I began following Vanessa’s guidance on nutrition, activity, and ways of approaching various situations, I have seen huge changes in my body composition and strength gains. I have built solid habits that provide flexibility and balance to the way I approach food. I can’t wait to see how far I can continue to push myself with the support of Vanessa and the E2E team!

Victoria Mirlocca
"I feel good fueling my body to perform better than it ever has."

I’ve worked with multiple nutritional coaches in the past and Greg is the top hands down. He actually listens to what you are saying and finds ways to help and challenge your way of thinking, whether it’s about nutrition, athletic training, sleep, or tips and motivation for success.

When I first started I was fixated on getting to a certain weight, beating myself up if the scale wasn’t moving fast enough. Evolve helped me realize the scale is just one tool to monitor results and not the holy grail of health. I’ve done multiple diets in the past, and have a good grip on flexible eating, but Evolve has been the accountability that I need, and the motivation I want. This way of eating is way more than a diet, it’s a lifestyle change. Whether traveling, enjoying summer parties, or getting through a busy week, Greg has been there to set me up for success. I can still eat most of the foods I love, and feel good fueling my body to perform better than it ever has. Can’t recommend Greg and Evolve to Excel enough!
Nick Johnston

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