We will help you meet and exceed all of your goals. By taking into account your individual wants and needs, we can set you up with a plan for success!


We will help you meet and exceed all of your goals. By taking into account your individual wants and needs, we can set you up with a plan for success!

We've helped thousand of people just like you lose weight, gain muscle, and develop a better relationship with food.

Say Goodbye To Cookie-Cutter Plans!

What worked for someone else might not necessarily work for you. We deliver nutrition and lifestyle coaching that is custom specifically for you and your individual needs.

Elite Evidence-Based Methods

Our team of Registered Dietitians and MNU-Certified Nutritionists are highly qualified and experienced so you get the best service possible!

100% Individualized Approach

There’s no successful one-size-fits-all plan. We collaborate with you to create a custom plan made specifically for you.

We Support All Goals!

Health, weight loss, performance, muscle gain, lifestyle, and more... we have a coach suited for you!

24/7 Access To Your Coach

Support, guidance, accountability, 24/7 access to your coach, speedy response times, and weekly check-ins!

Our Graduate Program

Evolve to Excel’s Graduate Program helps ensure long-term success for all of our members!

We Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk

Our coaches practice what they preach and are living the lifestyles that they promote!

How Your One-on-One Coaching Works

Step 1

Submit Your Application!

We will review your application to make sure you're the right fit for our team!

Step 2

Complete Your Questionnaire

Get the details to your coach so we can set you up with a plan for success!

Step 3

Schedule a Video Call

Get to know your coach better and have all of your questions answered!

Step 4

Receive Your Custom Plan

Let's get started! A plan made for you and your individual wants, needs, and goals.

Step 5

Weekly Check-Ins

This is where the magic happens!

Step 6

Evolve and Excel to version

This is what you signed up for! ​
Step 1
Decide You Are Ready to Evolve and Submit Your Application​

After you submit your application, one of our coaches will review it to make sure that you are the right fit for our services.​

Step 2
Complete Our Initial Questionnaire​

Once your application is approved you will be assigned to your coach and we will send you an initial questionnaire to fill out for us so we can get to know you better and get a better understanding of how to best approach your plan so that it aligns with your preferences and lifestyle. ​

Step 3
Schedule a Video Call with Your Coach!​

After reviewing your initial questionnaire and food log, we will schedule a complimentary one on one initial video consultation with your coach.​

Step 4
Receive Your Custom Plan​​

Your coach will provide you with a detailed plan designed for you and only you detailing exactly what you should expect in the initial weeks of the program and the first steps for you to take. If you have any questions or concerns, you can always reach out to your coach for support or guidance.​​

Step 5
Check-in weekly with your coach

And you’re off! You will check-in with your coach once per week and together, you will build momentum and confidence while progressing toward your goals. Your coach will monitor your progress and adjust your plan as needed throughout your journey.​

Step 6
Evolve and Excel to version You-2.0!​​​

This is what you signed up for!​

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Our customized approach has helped hundreds of clients reach their goals

We collaborate with you to create a custom plan and give you our undivided attention to ensure that you are receiving the best quality service possible.

"…such a positive wake up call to my diet and nutrition habits"

Working with Greg at Evolve to Excel has been such a positive wake up call to my diet and nutrition habits. In the past, whenever I tried to lose weight, I would end up “Yo-yo dieting” because I would cut my calories dramatically and multiple foods out of my diet. Greg helped me learn how to balance dieting while still enjoying the foods I wanted to eat by helping me work on positive lifestyle changes in and outside the kitchen. 

Also, Greg is one of the most encouraging and supportive coaches I know. He doesn’t want to just know about what food you put on your plate, but also what else is going on in your life (good or bad) that could potentially impact your diet. Evolve to Excel has given me the tools to feel like I have control of my nutrition and diet, instead of it having control of me.
Brian Kachelmeyer
"I have all the tools I’ll need."

Since working with Greg, I’ve dropped a bunch of weight, I’m leaning than I’ve ever been as an adult with a job and kids and all the stuff that comes with that, but most importantly I feel like I have a plan to maintain this. Whether I want to cut more, bulk or maintain I feel like I have all the tools I’ll need. I can’t recommend Greg and Evolve to Excel highly enough!

Dylan Tate
"I was drifting slowly away from my sport and fitness goals and I didn't know what to do"

I can’t thank Greg enough. I reached out when I realized that I was drifting slowly away from my sport and fitness goals and I didn’t know what to do. I had burned out before on strict dieting and was looking to reassess my diet and lifestyle choices. Evolve to Excel has helped me find sustainability in my lifestyle and nutrition so I’m not “dieting” but simply living my life with more thought-out choices.

This is not a diet or a band-aid solution, this is guided support that revamped how I live my day-to-day life. Greg helped address a variety of situations and obstacles in my hectic and varied schedule and provided fantastic support and guidance in finding simple actionable steps for making the choices that best align with what in important to me.

Greg was super empowering and his encouragement and positive attitude were great in helping me overcome the bumps and hurdles along the way. I can not recommend Greg and Evolve to Excel highly enough. If you are looking to make long-term, sustainable changes backed up by the highest level of expertise and experience, Evolve to Excel is a must.

Luke Humphrey

Our Coaches Are Ready To Help You Reach Your Full Potential

At Evolve to Excel, you'll work with knowledgeable and qualified coaches, who take an active interest in helping you reach your potential and goals.

Whether your goal is to improve health markers, increase your energy levels, lose body fat, gain muscle mass, or improve your performance, our coaches have you covered.

Learn everything You Need To Develop Lifelong Healthier Habits And Achieve Your Goals

Nutrition and
Lifestyle Coaching

USD / Month
  • Weekly Check-ins
  • Individualized Nutrition Plan
  • Unlimited Coach Communication
  • Introductory Video Call With Your Coach
  • Access to our members-only Facebook group


USD / Month
  • Monthly Check-ins
  • Individualized Nutrition Plan
  • 24-Hour Guaranteed Response Time
  • Accountability plus independence all in one
  • Access to our members-only Facebook group

Video Consultations

$ 200 USD / 60 Min Call
  • One hour video call
  • Evolve to Excel coach of your choice
  • Pre-Consultation form provided
    for seamless communication
  • Post-call notes and plan provided

Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t offer meal plans, but your coach will gladly provide you with a list of example food sources that can help you toward your goals, and together you two can design an adaptable meal plan that is best suited for you. Rigid meal plans are a short-term fix, not a long-term strategy. They don’t teach you the skills needed to achieve your results, nor how to sustain your results over the long-term. They can be a great tool for someone who is looking for quick results and is okay with not maintaining those results, but our goal at Evolve to Excel is to teach you throughout your journey so you can achieve and maintain those results for the rest of your life!

As of right now, we do not offer any workout programs, but we will gladly refer you out to trusted companies and professionals that do!

Yes! You will receive a complimentary video consultation with your coach so together you can go over what you are looking for in your plan and how to best customize your approach. Nutrition clients or non-clients can also purchase one-time video consultations.

Since we do not specialize in working with pregnant women, we do not accept them as clients and would gladly refer you out to another trusted professional in the industry who is better suited for you! We can, however, work with you leading up to your pregnancy and post-partum.

Yes! We can work with you while you are breastfeeding toward all of your health, nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle goals.

Age is just a number to us at Evolve to Excel! As long as you are over the age of 18, we can gladly accept you as a client!

Seeing results, maintaining those results, and learning the skills to change your lifestyle in a positive way does not happen overnight and they should not be rushed. We do not offer crash diets, but rather coaching and long-term approaches so you can say goodbye to your yoyo-dieting cycle once and for all. For this reason, we ask for a 4-month commitment to ensure that you are committed to the long-game and understand the value in a process-focused approach.

Not a problem! We ask that all of our clients get approval from their doctor prior to working with us so we can ensure that we are aware of any special and individual considerations from a health standpoint that we need to know about prior to approaching your nutrition plan.

Not a problem! We encourage our clients to eat a balanced diet but if you are vegan or vegetarian for moral reasons, we will still gladly work with you and help ensure that your diet is optimized for your health and goals.

No! We do not strictly do macro or calorie tracking-based approaches to our nutrition plans. Tracking or non-tracking approaches, we can help you out.

No! Anyone, any fitness level, any shape, and any athletic goals… we can work with you. From Olympic-level athletes to someone looking to get in shape for the first time in their life, we have an approach that will work for you.

Yes! Your experience does not matter, we will make a plan for you that is not intimidating, is sustainable for you to follow, and that feels like it was made for you… because it was!